Cardiac Psychology Services across the network

There are currently two specialist cardiac psychology services in the South West and Wales based in Taunton and in Bristol. The services work closely together and you may be seen by both if your child is having treatments in Bristol but you are receiving support around adjustment in Taunton. Below is a brief descrition of both services.


Bristol based Lifespan Cardiac Psychology Health Service


What does the service cover?

This service is here to support children, young people and adults in coping and managing with a heart condition. If you or your child are worried or have questions about adjusting to having a cardiac condition, coming in for treatments, coping with long hospital stays, having a baby with a cardiac condition and or coping with past treatments you can ask for a referral to the service.

How to be referred

Your network cardiologist and cardiac nurse specialist can refer you to the service. Once you have been referred and the team feel that we are the right service for you, you will be sent a letter with more details about the service and how it works. You will then be able to book into a telephone, virtual or face to face clinic.

You can talk to the Lifespan Cardiac Psychological Health Services (PHS) team to talk about your needs on 0117 342 8168

You can also access our leaflets here which all families receive which tell you more about our consent and information processes.                                                                                                                                                

We aim to see outpatients within 6 weeks and inpatients within 2 working days. Please let your team know if you are coming into hospital soon and would like to talk about support.


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