Patient involvement is very important to the Network. We exist to serve our patients and their families/carers. One way in which we involve patients is by having a number of Patient and Family Representatives who work with us. The role exists to ensure that the views of patients, carers and families are taken into consideration when developing services, making decisions or undertaking activities. This will help facilitate the 'patient voice' being heard throughout the Network.

We ask that our Patient and Family representatives:

  • Offer ideas and opinions that reflect the voice of patients, carers and their families
  • Contribute to meetings and project work in a constructive manner
  • Provide a commitment to the Network in terms of an agreed amount of time, which can include a mix of the following sorts of activities: attendance at meetings, responding to emails, reviewing documents
  • Bring their personal experiences to the group but remember that they are representatives of all patients
  • Understand the constraints we work within, particularly around the current financial situation in the NHS nationally

In return, we commit to:

  • Invite and welcome open and honest feedback from our representatives
  • Give representatives the opportunity and the time to contribute to decision making
  • To consider representatives as full members of any meetings for which they are on the membership list
  • To ensure the language used in meetings is as accessible as possible
  • To respond to queries and requests from representatives in an efficient manner

Would you like to become a patient or family representative for the Network? For more information, please get in touch via the Contact Us section of the email or email