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Young people born with congenital heart disease will transfer to adult services when they are 17 years old, the majority of whom will require lifelong follow-up. We know that making the switch from paediatric to adult services may feel daunting for some of our young patients, for a number of reasons.

To help answer some of their questions and address any concerns, a film has been created to give patients and their families an idea of what to expect when they come to the Bristol Heart Institute for treatment.




Your cardiac surgery journey

We know that coming into hospital for cardiac surgery can be a daunting prospect.   The Bristol Heart Institute have also created a series of short videos, to show patients what to expect pre-operation, on the day of surgery and immediately after, and once they are discharged. 

Video 1:  Preoperation 


Video 2: Day of surgery


Video 3: Discharge



Leaflets and Information for Adults 


A Guide to the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Service at the Bristol Heart Institute 


Aortic Valve Replacement (University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff)


Bristol Heart Institue Patient Information Leaflets (External Link) 

Cardiac Catheter (University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff)

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at the Bristol Heart Institute - Visitor Information

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Catheter Delivered Pulmonary Valve

Clinical Psychology Services for ACHD Patients


Closing your Atrial Septal Defect without Surgery

Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterisation 

External Cardioversion (University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff)


Implantable Cardiac Device Wound Care Instructions

Inserting an Internal Cardioverter Defibrillator (University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff)

One Beat - British Heart Foundation events for people aged 18-30 living with a heart condition (External link)

Pacemaker (University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff) 

Patient Guide to Elective Day Case Cardioversion

Pulmonary Hypertension


The South Wales Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Service (University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff) 

Tissue or Mechanical Valve

Trans-Oesophaheal Echocardiogram (TOE) (University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff) 

Treating your Coarctation by Stent Implantation

Welcome to University Hospitals Bristol

Your Adult Congenital Preoperative Assessment Appointment

Your Guide to Heart Surgery



Dental Advice

Dental information for patients undergoing congenital cardiac interventional procedures (June 2021)



Leaflets from the Somerville Foundation


A Guide to Adult Cardiac Care

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