The Network Board and sub-group meet quarterly (as of 2020). These are currently held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic, otherwise the location of the meetings rotates around the region. The Board is responsible for ensuring the Network delivers its aims and agreed activities. 


Our Network Board Chair is Dr Dirk Wilson - here is a link to Dr Wilson's profile.  

The Network Board terms of reference (approved in June 2021)

The Network aims to be transparent in its workings so all of our meeting minutes are available online, along with presentations given at Board and sub-group meetings. 

Our Network Board structure was reviewed in November 2019 and a new structure implemented from 2020. Subsequently, the Network Board meets quarterly.  The sub-group of the Board: the Network Clinical Governance Group meets bi-annually (from 2022 in July and January) with an annual mortality and morbidity review meeting (from 2022 in October).  

Forthcoming network board and sub-group dates include:

  • Tuesday 12th July 2022           (clinical governance group & network board)
  • Tuesday 11th October 2022     (network M&M & network board)
  • Thursday 19th January 2023    (clinical governance group & network board)
  • Wednesday 19th April 2023     (network board) 













    Board minutes and presentations from previous meetings


    • September 2018